I don't know about you, but for me (Jade), I often find the prospect of a new year quite daunting. There's the guilt you feel for over-indulging in the festive period, the heightened mission to get back on track and start new fitness regimes, the pressure of setting new goals, resolutions, talking about hopes and dreams. The pressure to meet all these new goals can sometimes seem overwhelming. 

For a while now, myself and Emma have been working away on a new website. We've known for such a long while that we wanted to get something new out there, something that more reflects who we are as photographers. The longer we have left it, the more time we've had to compare ourselves to others - which we whole-heartedly know is futile. If we allow it to, comparison will steal our joy and stifle our creativity. So, we are making the decision to put this out there. To be vulnerable. To showcase some of the amazing weddings and couples we've had the pleasure of working with in 2015. We know our journey looks different to some people's - working and being full-time mums (or maybe it's very similar!), but this is our journey. We have loads still to learn and goals to reach, but "here's to living out the unspoken dreams of our hearts" this year and living out our unique journey! To being fully present in all areas of our lives, and enjoying it as we go - even if at times we find it tough. To letting go of 'perfect' and seeing the beauty in the imperfection.

We hope you enjoy our new site!


Jade & Em x