OK. So I'm going to start this blog. Before I check my emails for the 100th time. Before I re-read my 'to-do' list. Before I decide 'I'll just get the house tidy first, & then I'll settle into it'. Before I go crazy with thinking of what to write... This year I am full of hope. Full of expectancy. I'm excited. I'm excited to be starting my business - on my own. (Well, I say on my own, but the amount of help I've had from friends & family has been amazing. So, thank you ALL for everything. I really am very grateful...)

I want this blog to be a place where people can get to know me a little, see what I'm up to & I definately invite your comments & feedback! I'll be posting various pics from weddings, engagement sessions, to family shoots & random personal stuff.

So there. I started. And there's no going back! And because this is a photography blog...here is a picture of my incredibly cute new neice, Esmée Lamorna. Her favourite game is 'Phwafty'...& I love her!