At the weekend, me & Pete cleared out our loft. We've been in our house for about 18 months, & when we moved in we put a load of stuff up there - & pretty much haven't looked at it since.  So we had a massive clear-out...& I stumbled across this... brownie1

My Grandad's old camera. I absolutely love old images. I get so drawn into old family photographs. I love the mystery & nostalgic feel to them. I love the tones, the soft focus, the grain, the texture of the print.

When I'm editing a wedding, I love to add texture & sepia tones - to add a dream-like quality & create something a little different, that stands apart from the rest of the day's photography.

Last July, I had the pleasure of being both a bridesmaid & photographer for my wonderful friends Tim & Hannah Nash. They got married at Woodborough Hall, in Nottingham. They got married outside & the whole wedding really reflected who they are as a couple.


I think it's so important on the day of your wedding to give time for portraits of just the two of you. For the bride & groom to spend some time alone, away from all the guests, to get some images that reflect who you are as a couple.

 That was the one thing I regret from our wedding day. We had an amazing photographer, who captured the day so perfectly - but we neglected giving time to having some pictures of just the two of us...It's a time you can't get back - so something to think about when you're planning your day!

This week I'm busy planning for the Northampton Wedding Fair: Dream ticket event. I'll be promoting the Photobooth - so come check it out!