...I'm shooting a family portrait session so I went for a walk today to find some good locations.I love open fields, wild flowers, long grass, pine trees...I follow loads of blogs - mostly American photographers. And I'm always so jealous of their location shoots - everywhere seems so much more interesting! Oh, and the gorgeous sunlight they always seem to have ;( One day I really want to do a bridal shoot . In a field. With some horses. Which for those that know me, may find a little weird, as I'm scared of most animals!  So on my walk today, I came across some horses in a field. I waited a while. Making a weird kind of noise to get their attention and quickly took a couple of pics. The horses came really close & I started to freak out a bit - some bike riders actually laughed at me. So, yes, scared of animals but one day I'd love to do a shoot with some. So if anyone reading this loves horses & has access to some (nice safe ones), get in touch & I'd love to do a shoot with you! Doesn't have to be a bridal shoot, could be a portrait session, engagement session...anything session! poppyhorse

horse-grassComing Up: pics from portrait shoot & a special offer to be announced!

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