photo4Seven weeks ago today, I gave birth to our amazing boy, Bailey Joshua! I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. He's already wearing 3-6 month clothing ... I went in on Friday 13th November to be induced. I was actually due on 1st November, but Bailey was obviously following in Dad's laid-back approach to life. It turned out that my contractions had already started - I had just confused them with Braxton Hicks. So there was me thinking, 'I'm actually doing OK at this labour's not actually that bad'... Oh, silly me. After having pretty much every kind of pain killer possible and making more noise than I thought I possibly could, our boy was finally born on Saturday 14th November at 1.56pm. During the pregnancy, my midwife had estimated his weight to be about 7lbs... Instead he weighed in at 9lb 3oz! I had my husband & mum there by my side throughout - & I'm so thankful for their support. They were amazing.

It's been such an amazing, crazy, emotional, joyful, tiring experience - but worth every second! I'd love to share some pics with you...




Whilst I haven't quite got the balance of being a mum & working figured out yet, I will definately try & keep my blog going over the next few months! Please be patient with me ;) I'm on maternity leave until June, but will still be responding to emails & hopefully be working on some new things over the coming months. Happy New Year by the way! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas & that 2010 will be a great year!