So, we all know I'm not that consistent with blogging (I'm sorry!) - I'm going to set in place a few new things to help me keep blogging & sharing with you what I'm working on etc.My second shooter Emma has been working with me a lot recently, and you'll be seeing lots more of her! She'll be adding some blog posts too.

Mondays will generally be posts of recent photography, with a bit of personal stuff mixed in there.

LOVE Wednesday will consist of our recent gorgeous finds on the internet.

And our DIY Friday posts will consist of our own little diy projects or ones we find on the internet - that we think you'll love to.

So - hopefully you'll visit lots more - and I'd love to know who you are, so leave a comment & introduce yourself! :) I hope these little posts will give you some inspiration...

Here's the first of our recent lovely christmas DIY'll find all the links to the tutorials underneath - Enjoy!



1. - Felt Garland

2. - Jingle Bells Wreath (Martha Stewart)

3. - Sweetgum-fruit wreath (Martha Stewart)

4. - Pom Pom gift wrap (Fossil. Life. Style. Blog)

5. - Vintage Paper Ornaments (Boho Baby Bump Blog)

...Apparently, your christmas cooking isn't complete until you've made gingerbread I thought I'd give these little fellas a go! Here's the recipe if you want something yummy this afternoon...


125g Unsalted butter 100g Dark muscavado sugar 3.5 Tablespoons of syrup 300g Plain flour 1tsp Bicarb soda 2tsp Ginger 1tsp Cinnamon

~ Pre-heat the oven to 180 ~ Melt the butter, syrup & sugar in a saucepan ~ Mix together the remaining dry ingredients in a bowl ~ Add the wet ingredients to the dry...and mix it up to form a dough (I found it a little gooey, so added a little extra flour) ~ Roll out & cut out your gingerbread men ~ Put in the oven for about 8-10 mins