We joined Michele and her family for a bike ride the other week along the Tissington trail. Thinking Bailey would absolutely love going on the bike (as it's one of his favourite words), we bought a seat to go on the back of Pete's bike. Oh how wrong we could be. He cried the whole way! He sat in the little trailer with Michele's little boy Ethan, and tried to climb out, getting himself in a bit of a state! So the ride was cut short...Me and Michele got to talking on the way back - and decided it was time for another Style Session. We always have so many ideas for shoots, and unless we just get on and do some, life just gets filled up. So starting off with a mini session, Michele made a rather lovely bouquet & button hole out of balsa wood flowers. I love them! I covered loads of fairy lights with these at my wedding and had them hanging around the door frame and across the front of the church. I just love the effect they give.






So, we've got lots of little sessions in store to inspire you. Hopefully I'll get something blogged each week - not promising, as I'm rubbish at blogging as it is! But I'll definitely try :)