baileydad Happy Father's day to my most wonderful Daddy Warbucks! Thank you for your support & love. Thank you for caring enough to go searching for me in the middle of the night when I was 15 (even if it was in your dressing gown). Thank you for all your advice & wisdom..I love you very much!

And also to my wonderful husband who is an incredible Daddy to our Bailey boy. I'm sure B would say a few words if he could. But for now I'll just say ~ thank you for all you do. For the early mornings when you get up without a word, for the times you get up in the night to settle Bailey, for the times you looked after us when we were both feeling poorly, the random trips to the supermarket to get diet coke and sweets when I've got no energy left at the end of the day! So thankful for your generous & servant heart. Here's a photo from tonight's bedtime routine...xx