preview.jpg has been hectic. Back in November, Pete (the husband) was made redundant & quickly found a new job just a few weeks later. The job was in Northampton – and as we were living in Derby, this meant big changes for our family!

So we put the house on the market, and started searching for a new ‘home’. Searching through hundreds of houses online, and so many trips up & down the M1, we finally found ‘the one’! With the help of our parents – who also gave up so much time to help us search, things were slowly starting to take shape.

Our house in Derby sold pretty quickly & with Pete starting his new job, life kind of felt on hold in a weird kind of way – whilst we packed (or whilst I tried to with an energetic 2 year old running around!), cleared & counted down the long days until things would soon become very different.

Having been in Derby for 5 years, this is where me & the husband met, married & had our first baby! We have so many amazing friends who have been so great & supportive towards us – and have helped us no end in the days leading (& including) up to our move. I miss them all so much already!

We’ve been in our new house for 2 weeks now, and with the decorators & builders finally gone, it’s feeling more like ‘home’. So things can start to get back to normal...? Nope, I’m due to have baby number 2 in less than 2 weeks time!! This pregnancy has gone by so quickly, as there has been so much going on, it’s only been the last couple of evenings I’ve sat down & had a bit of a reality check. This baby is-a-coming!

So I felt like I wanted to fill a few of you in as to why the blog/facebook has been so quiet as of late. Now you know why!

I have a few weddings/engagement shoots coming up this summer, but am currently on maternity leave. So future blog posts are likely to be filled with all things baby for the next few months J Thanks for your patience – and if anyone has emailed, I will try & respond as soon as I possibly can xx

And because posts are better with photos...