Lana's story...

I wanted to write this 3 weeks ago when the event was still really fresh in my mind...but as I’ve quickly learned (& was warned about), life with 2 small children is very hectic!

I woke up on Thursday (23rd February) wondering, like I had been for a few days, ‘could this be the day?’ I went over to see my sister and we decided to go for a walk – ‘Let’s get this baby going’ I had said...The sun was shining & it was a beautiful day. It really felt like spring was on it’s way. As we walked through the village, I had a few tightenings but nothing more than usual. It felt good to get out and walk about in the fresh air. After lunch, I put Bailey down for a nap & decided I’d have a nap myself – the decorator was downstairs & I didn’t feel like making small talk. I woke after about 45 minutes & I had the sudden urge to clean! The decorator had left & I set about hoovering, mopping, cleaning, sorting, cleaning windows...All the windows were wide open and the sun was shining through. It felt such a nice afternoon & I didn’t really realise at the time the sudden burst of energy I was having was indeed full swing of ‘nesting’!

During dinner that evening, I had quite a strong tightening that stopped me in my tracks...Was something happening? Bailey was two weeks late, but I had a feeling this baby was a little more ready to make an appearance.

We put Bailey to bed at 7.30pm and as Pete carried on fitting new kitchen doors, I decided to bounce up & down on the birthing ball. So many people I know said it worked for them – although it didn’t do a thing when I was pregnant with B. I bounced about a bit, then got bored, and sat on the sofa again...but something in me was like, ‘no, come on. Keep bouncing, keep moving, something may happen!’ I started walking up and down the lounge as well, as I found that the more moving I did, the more tightenings I seemed to have. At 8.30pm, in the middle of watching Location, Location (!), a sudden ‘POP’ and my waters broke. I couldn’t believe it. Right bang on my due date, and no midwife-intervention here. Just as I had hoped & prayed!

I called my mum & she rushed over, as I nervously got all my hospital bits together. The unknown of what was going to happen next made me so anxious. My last experience was (I felt) quite traumatic & at the time I remember saying I’d never go through it again.

We waited a while for my sister to arrive, as she was going to stay with Bailey, and then travelled to the hospital. My contractions started to get a little stronger, but were definitely bearable.  When we arrived, I was monitored on the bed for about an hour – which showed my contractions were a bit spaced out & not that consistent. Pete lay on the end of the bed & was pretty much falling asleep. I started to feel a little disheartened as I was thinking I didn’t want to be sent home, nor did I want it to take as long as it did with Bailey (22 hours in total)... The midwives suggested sending me home, but they thought they had better assess me first.

...7cm! Wow. I couldn’t help but compare every bit of this to Bailey’s birth – and I liked how this was going! The midwife told me to change and walk down to the delivery room. My contractions were starting to get stronger & leaning over the bed seemed to be the most helpful way to get through them. I walked down the hall towards the delivery room & as soon as I got in there, I really felt like I was needing something to help me get through these contractions. I had some gas & air and the next 3 contractions were SO strong, I started to panic. How could I continue like this, with this intense pain? Last time I had had pethedine, gas & air, and an epidural and that was still awful – how am I going to cope with just gas & air? After the third contraction, I had this almighty urge to PUSH! The day before, I was having a chat with mum about the birth & I’d said one of the things that worried me the most was the ‘pushing’. After a long & drawn out labour with Bailey (& also having had an epidural), I didn’t feel/know when to push. The amount of energy I exerted into getting him out when I was so utterly exhausted seemed like the toughest thing I have ever had to do in my life. I felt like I could never find that amount of energy again.

Pete shouted out to the midwives and they rushed in...I was now 10cm dilated and ready to go! I got onto the bed and 25 minutes later, my darling girl was born. I was absolutely overjoyed & so, so happy! I couldn’t believe how quickly she made her appearance into the world.

Lana Amelie Webb is the most precious little girl – and so incredibly chilled out. She weighed 6lb 8oz and was born at 12.56am on Friday 24th February.

Just hours later, I was discharged from the hospital – as Pete & Bailey came to pick me up to take me home. Lana slept throughout the night at the hospital but I lay awake, looking at her mostly! I had to stay in for a few days when I had Bailey & was just so emotional & desperate to get home...This time,  I couldn’t have been happier.

The fact that I am writing about this right now feels a bit like a break-through really. I would lay awake at night for months & months after the birth of Bailey, replaying it all in my mind. But with Lana’s birth, I actually feel like I could go through it again. Maybe.

Every day brings its new challenges & I feel stretched to my limits at the moment! But I’m in love with our growing family and thankful, every single day.