I was so happy to have been able to document this precious time in Emma's life. Being pregnant is such an amazing thing - it really is a miracle. It's falling in love all over again. 9 months seem like forever but rush by all at the same time. It's moments of anxiousness & worry, then pure joy when you feel your baby kick & move around. It's moments of thinking, 'how can my tummy possibly get any bigger?' Every mother's journey through pregnancy & birth are completely different and yet somehow the same. No matter how hard or easy it is, at the core, it's the same...complete, utter love.

Your heart is about to burst with more love than you ever thought imaginable! Here's hoping you aren't playing the waiting game too long Em! xx


EDITED TO ADD: Congratulations Al & Emma!! You now have your beautiful baby boy! Little did I realise whilst writing this post that you were actually in labour. Cannot wait to meet him xxx