I know everyone says it, but 2012 passed by so very quickly. I guess it had something to do with moving house, moving to another town, Bailey (my boy) starting Nursery, my husband starting a new job & of course, another addition to our little family. We had been in our new house just 4 weeks when Lana made her appearance. Right on time, too! At the weekend, we celebrated her 1st birthday. I just don't know where the time has gone - maybe it's being busier with two little ones that things seem to fly by, days roll into one another and time just, passes you by. The thing is, this makes me sad. I don't like time flying by so quickly - because I know my little ones won't be so little anymore, and also that means I'm getting older!! This past year has been so challenging in so many different ways. But getting to know our little girl day by day, is just the most amazing gift. She is such a funny little character! She started out her life, with a very quick & easy delivery and didn't actually properly cry for the first 8 weeks! She was very chilled & just slotted right into our family perfectly. Her chilled-out character is definitely from her Daddy! I have loved watching the relationship develop & blossom with her older brother (which took a little while) & I love seeing the fun they have together already. Lana is hard to make laugh. No matter what we try, nothing really gets out a proper belly laugh from her. Apart from Bailey that is. He can tease her, snatch things away from her, do the general brother stuff to her, but at the end of the day, he is her most favourite. She lights up when he comes in the room, and I love seeing that.

With every day that passes, no matter how little or trivial the experience may be, I want to capture something. My instagram feed is pretty much ALL pictures of my children! I want to remember this time in my life. When the days seemed long sometimes, when the nights seemed even longer, when my son told me he loved me, when my daughter learnt to take her first steps & got her first pair of shoes. I want to remember these simple yet precious moments, because it's all too easy to let life pass you by. So, here's to today, and celebrating Lana's first year.

Lana, my darling girly. I love you more than I can possibly express. Happy Birthday little sweet Berry. You are beautiful, love Mummy xxx