Everyone loves a bit of chocolate now and again. And cake. And sweets...but when you can't get through the day without them, maybe something needs to change?! Inspired by the thousands of 'foodies' on Instagram, we decided to take up the challenge of going sugar-free for a month. We both knew what a challenge it would be, so mentally prepared & cleared out our cupboards to start Easter Monday.  photo 3photo 4photo 1photo 2photo 5photo 2-2

We were both Brides before wedding photographers, so we decided to blog about our journey - as we know leading up to your wedding often brings with it a desire to get in shape. If you are on Instagram, you can follow along for daily inspiration (or just to laugh at us)!

What is surprising to both of us, is just how much food has 'hidden' sugars in. Not just cutting back on cakes, sweets, chocolate, but also stopping things like cereals, fruit juices, sauces, and even fruit itself has crazy amounts of sugar in it. A banana alone can have about 7 teaspoons of sugar in it. 7?! We had no idea. Well, we're not going quite that crazed to cut out fruit, so allowing ourselves natural sugars. There are so many opinions on whether or not fruit should be eliminated, but make your own mind up on that one!

Day 1 & 2 were seriously TOUGH. Headaches came thick & fast, and doses of regular paracetemol throughout the day just didn't shift them. Eating huge amounts of almonds, avocados, vegetables and whole peanut butter, just didn't quite hit the spot for me. My energy was low. Felt more tired than normal, I had to keep reminding myself why I was doing this!? Looking forward to blood sugar levels stabilising.

Day 3 - Seriously irritated today! Headaches were not so bad, but felt so ratty all morning. I want cake!! Feel like I'm eating more than normal, searching anywhere for those little energy hits. Somehow a strawberry just doesn't hit it. Thank goodness we didn't give up tea...Today I've baked some chickpea cookies (which my son, who takes his cookies seriously, ate 2 without questioning them) and made some granola with coconut oil and honey. Recipes to follow...

Are you tempted to join us?! x