photo 3-2photo 4-2photo 5-2 How are we doing?

Well, it's been tough. We are now on day 7 and we're just a little surprised that we made it this far to be honest. We do feel like all we are eating are nuts, seeds, salads, peanut butter, oats and eggs though. Don't get me wrong, we love all these foods. But what we really want to do right now, right in this moment, is head to a local American restaurant and have pancakes smothered in sauce and ice cream and get the point. Some moments have been easier than others. When we're out and about, or distracted, it's easy to get on with. But when Friday and Saturday night rolled around, all we could think about was celebratory wine, curry and chocolate. Celebratory because we made it through the week on top of giving up the sugar! Instead, Saturday night was spent scouring the internet for weird food items to help make the next Spirulina and Sesame Balls (I know, the what now?).  Quinoa, Chia seeds, Raw Cacao powder, Rice Malt Syrup are all new items that have entered into our household.

Some good news is that the headaches have subsided, and there has been some improvement in the energy levels mid-late afternoon so far. Do we think the cravings are starting to ease yet? Studies show it takes 21-28 days to form a habit. Other studies show it takes 66 days...So, there is a long way to go! It has however, made us really think about what we're giving to our children though. Feeding them 'wholegrain' cereal in the morning, with some juice and offering them snacks like raisins and fruit is equivalent to eating their way through a Mars-bar-and-coke-can of sugar. That is alarming. Not having chocolate and sweets in the house, is definitely the way forward though. If it's not there, they can't have it. Being creative with new ingredients and getting them involved is something we'll definitely continue with.

Day 4 - Morning at a 'Mums & Tots' group was tough when it was time for tea and biscuits! Managed to skip these and opted for a banana instead. Mini applause please. Reminded that it is key to have healthy snacks to hand, otherwise the risk of indulging in sugar is very tempting.

Day 5 - Experimenting with different flours today. Made some Rye bread - which is incredibly easy. But did result in near slicing off of finger due to the cement-like texture. It was just about edible, with a good amount of avocado & honey added! We made some Cinnamon and Honey cookies with spelt flour - which were similar in texture to gingerbread biscuits. Not too shabby with a good cuppa. And for the evening, we made pizzas (again with the spelt flour), that the kids refused to eat! Oh well, covered in mozzarella and healthy vegetable toppings it did help disguise the heavy, dry base. Will try again with this one - needs some work! No headaches today.

Day 6 - Breakfast was overnight oats with frozen berries. And the morning was spent making a Fig and Walnut loaf from the spelt flour - which was indeed, very yummy. We made a curry from scratch in the evening, avoiding  the normal half a jar of mango chutney on the side :( We avoided the naans and even made cauliflower rice - yep, hardcore.

Day 7 - An afternoon nap was needed today, due to low energy levels. Today was tough for some reason, wanting every piece of sugar in sight whilst walking down the aisles at Tesco. We resisted! Out of the Cinnamon and Honey spelt cookies calls for some more creative baking...What next - Sweet Potato Truffle Balls? Almond Butter Bark? Avocado and Coconut Lollies? *sigh*