Are family group shots necessary? We think so. Your wedding day is the only day in your life, where every person who is of great importance to you, is present. We completely understand that this is the time to get these all important group shots - we were brides before wedding photographers, so we understand their value. 2014-05-13_0002

We've all been to weddings where the group shots seem to take forever to finish. And there is nothing worse for you as the Bride & Groom, or for the guests, to feel like you are standing around, waiting. If group shots are taking longer than 45 minutes, then this can be frustrating for all involved. We, of course, will document every part of your day & if there are specific images you'd like taken, we are more than happy to oblige. It's your day. However, we'd like to offer some advice to ensure these group shots go as smoothly as can be!

- Allocate one member from each side of the family to help arrange these groupings. Let them know when & where these are likely to take place so they can be efficient in getting everyone where they need to be. - Allow 3-5 minutes per group shot. This will help you to determine a good amount of time you'd like spent on these images.

2014-05-13_0006 - Involve your family when choosing these group shots! It may be a good idea to ask parents/ family members for their input. This will avoid unnecessary or awkward conversations on the day when 'extra groups' are added at the last minute, eating into precious time with your guests.

2014-05-13_0004 - When thinking about a shot with 'everybody' in, weigh up the amount of time it will take to gather everyone together vs the more natural, candid shots that can be taken of your guests having fun. Some venues are perfect for an 'everybody' shot. If there is somewhere like a balcony, or a room in which we can use to take the photo from a good height, and your guests are already mingling on the lawn or gardens, then this could work really well. If however, the weather isn't particularly great, and it would mean asking guests to leave the warmth and venture outside, this might not work so well for the flow of the day.

2014-05-13_0005 - We suggest keeping the group combinations to 8 or less. The simpler the list, the faster these group shots can be worked through and the quicker you can get back to the fun! We can also be a bit more creative with poses and choice of location, helping to create even more natural images you will love to look back at for years to come. 2014-05-13_0007


We hope this advice has helped a little in planning out your day. Remember, it's all about the timing! Allow more time than you think for everything on your wedding day, and things will go smoothly and stress-free.

Jade & Em x