Meet William Rodger Adams, born 12th July a 3.30pm weighing 8lb 3oz. This handsome little chap belongs to the ever so gorgeous Jane Adams from Jarah Hair and Day Spa in Derby and Noel her lovely hubby. I have never met a mum that honestly believed she looked terrible yet from my point of view looked like she'd just stepped of the catwalk. Jane you are utterly beautiful and as a family you are the most gorgeous looking family too these photo's are my proof!!

Fulled with cake and fizz we had fun snapping away getting some lovely images of little Will he even pee'd on me and it just made me love him a little bit more we are clearly best buds now.

I was also blessed to be able to meet Jane's mum who was over from Oz she was awesome, looking after us all doing what mums do best making sure everything was running smoothly.