1. Don’t shy away!
    Engagement sessions come as part of our wedding packages and we feel they are extremely important. It’s a chance for us to get to know YOU, and for you to get to know US. It’ll likely be the only time we’ll meet or spend some time together before the big day and we want you to feel relaxed around us and get used to our shooting style.
  2. Be You
    We want you to feel your best when you have these photos taken - because when you feel good it really does show in the photos. If you think you’ll feel more confident having had your hair or your makeup done - then do it! Maybe tie it in with having your wedding hair and makeup trial. We want you to feel comfortable in these photos - so if that means dressing up, then do it. If jeans and tee’s are more your thing, then wear that! Be happy, be comfortable and relax.
  3. Location
    Think about the types of images you want from this shoot. If being at home, chilling in your comfy clothes, drinking hot chocolate together is your thing, then we can plan a shoot to capture you doing just that. This type of shoot creates more lifestyle images and takes on a bit more of an editorial look. Or if you have a specific location in mind, then that can take on a whole different look. Think striking scenery and an amazing backdrop - creating a real sense of adventure within the images. We will happily chat with you about what you’d like from this shoot.
  4. Relax
    Try to forget about us being there! We know that may sound ridiculous, because having a camera pointed towards you is a pretty hard thing to ignore. But what we mean by that is we want you to focus on each other. We may direct you into a certain place, but mainly we’re considering the light and how good it’ll make you look - we’re not thinking about what you’re doing or saying to each other, so please don't feel silly about it. Sometimes we’ll direct you, by asking you do something - like taking a walk, or having a cuddle  and these directions are what create the natural looking images. It’s completely normal to feel awkward in the first 10 minutes of a shoot - but don’t worry, you’ll be surprised how quickly you relax into it.
    We may direct you to do something, but these directions are flexible and we want to give you freedom to move around and have fun! Try to focus on each other. It’s stressful in the run-up to the wedding, so take it as some time to just be together.
  5. Move
    When we direct you, these requests are very flexible! For example, if we ask you to kiss your partner on their cheek, please be free in giving them a kiss, but then do what's natural to you. Don't feel you need to pause here with lips attached to their face! You are free to move, kiss them some more! Do what you would naturally do when showing them how much you love them. Moving around helps you to look less stiff and posed, so unless we ask you to be still, then be free to move!
  6. Be Mindful
    This is something we'll remind you of during the shoot, but we like to get lots of up close and intimate portraits - as you will see in our previous Engagement Shoots. In doing that, your faces will be touching a lot during the shoot as we love to capture connection. Our last tip is just to be mindful of squishing noses and pouty lips! We want the images to look as natural as possible, so have in mind gentle kisses and soft, gentle touches and we'll take care of the rest, creating heartfelt and timeless images you can enjoy for years to come.
  7. Write it down
    Something we encourage our couples to do, is to write a letter to each other. If you find it hard to express your emotions, writing a letter to your partner and then reading them to each other during the shoot, can be a really intimate and special moment between you both. It creates real and honest moments and this is what we want to capture. 
    These can be simple love notes, a favourite memory or you could go a little deeper! Write down the time you were most proud of the other and why. Write three of your favourite things about the other. Write three things you always promise to do for the other. Write the moment you needed the other the most...